Dr Tammie Matson

Zoologist, Author, Conservationist and Entrepreneur


Leadership , Environment and Sustainability, Mentoring, International Development and Issues, Author

Travels from Cairns, QLD


Dr Tammie Matson is a world expert on elephants and has inspired thousands of people, from children to adults, to achieve their dreams through her award-winning books, speeches and African adventures.

Inspired by a visit to Zimbabwe at the age of fifteen, Tammie achieved what many said could not be done as a young woman from North Queensland, by first becoming a wildlife researcher in Africa, then achieving a PhD in zoology and becoming a published author – all before she turned 25. From the jungles of Borneo, to the plains of Africa, to the black markets of Vietnam, Dr Tammie Matson has been on a mission for over two decades to save endangered wildlife. She has survived charges by lions, been almost crushed by elephants in the Namibian desert, stood up to angry Zimbabwean war veterans and seen first-hand the brutal war against ruthless poachers and the bloody carcasses of the wildlife she loves. She has met presidents and traffickers in palaces and tourist markets, journeying to the dark heart of the dark illegal ivory and rhino horn industry in South East Asia.

Today, she balances her passionate commitment to conservation with being a mother to two young sons. Her stories are thought-provoking, funny and sometimes scary, and ask us all to find the courage in ourselves to achieve our dreams. Tammie brings a unique and highly experienced on-the-ground perspective to any audience, and her unusual brand of courage and never-give-up attitude to reshaping conservation, building an ethical business and being a parent on a mission, make for fascinating insights and heart-felt inspiration.

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