Menopause and Work Premium Masterclass

Menopause and Work Premium Masterclass

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With Thea O'Connor


At the same time that a woman might be peaking in her career - vying for, or holding down senior leadership roles - she will also be experiencing the 'menopause transition', which occurs on average between the ages of 45 and 55.


While menopause ushers women into an empowering life stage, the journey can be rocky for some - not only due to the physical symptoms, but also due to our personal beliefs, societal attitudes and workplace cultures.


This Masterclass invites women to examine and refresh their own mindset as well as workplace attitudes towards menopause, for the sake of their health, workplace performance and career progression. We also take a look at how the mind can be affected during the midlife years, and how to stay sharp.


What’s menopause got to do with female leadership? Should we Speak up or Sh*T Up?


We will cover the following in this masterclass:


  • Practical exercises to uncover personal and cultural attitudes towards this natural stage in the life cycle
  • Research findings into the impact of beliefs, attitudes and culture on women’s experience of menopause, including symptoms and workplace engagement
  • Reframing menopause as something to look forward to
  • Consciously choosing an empowering mindset that will support women through this life-stage, rather than pretending there’s ‘nothing to see, nothing to hear’, it’s ‘performance as usual.’
  • Starting constructive workplace conversations – should I talk about this at work and if so, how?


Changes in cognition are some of the lesser known symptoms of peri-menopause - what are they and how can women take care of their brains during midlife?


Take the first steps by creating a simple plan for getting your head in the best space possible, physically and / or psychologically. This masterclass is relevant for women of all ages. Younger women can give this some strategic fore-thought rather than encounter menopause unprepared, as many women currently do.



Takeaways from this workshop include:


  • Business case for putting menopause on the workplace agenda (as a female leadership issue)
  • Heightened self-awareness of the beliefs you have internalised about menopause, and whether they serve or undermine you
  • An understanding of how psychology affects our physiology, how our attitudes towards this natural life stage can affect severity of symptoms and therefore workplace performance
  • Your personally crafted mindset to help you navigate mid-life as a professional working woman and stand in your authority in the process
  • Knowledge about the cognitive changes that can occur during the menopausal transition
  • Tips for starting workplace conversations about menopause, should you chose to
  • A simple, actionable plan for prioritising ONE thing you can do now, to improve your headspace, before or during menopause and beyond



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